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How to recover your data ?

You can recover you data using one of these utilities i recommande strongly to use Tiramisu :
Savcih - Mrecover - Trimasu

SAVCIH is a small (and hopefully useful) program for recovering the contents of a hard disk from the CIH/Chernobyl virus attack. In particular, it tries to reconstruct the partition table (MBR) by searching for the extended partition. However, there is insufficient information for a recovery of the first partition. Still, it tries to guess the size of the first partition and constructs an entry for it in the MBR. It also clears away the random data left behind by CIH so that disk recovery programs can work better.

Mrecover :
MRECOVER is a utility program that recovers data from hard disks damaged by the CIH virus (also known as the Chernobyl virus). In some cases you will be able to do a 100% recovery (back to the state before the damage occurred).
The program is available at this site and you can download it free of cost. Unlike other data recovery programs, MRECOVER will recover data not by using assumptions or complex data recovery algorithms used to guess the location of the contents of data of files. It reconstructs the damaged part keeping in mind the way in which the CIH virus inflicts damage. This approach is sometimes more effective in getting back your data.

Trimasu :
Tiramisu can recover files from a variety of hard disk problems, including corrupt FAT tables, inaccessible partitions, virus attacks, and accidental reformatting. Tiramisu scans your drive and rebuilds the file table in memory to facilitate the safe transfer of data to another device.
Fat 32 ( windows 95/98 )
NTFS ( Windows NT /2000 )
Novell Netware

Contact me for more info about these product. Trimasiru is bourought to you by Ontrack.

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